All Optical RAM Technology Research

The field of optical computing is considered to be the most multidisciplinary field and requires for its success collaborative efforts of many disciplines, ranging from device and optical engineers to computer architects, chemists, material scientists, and optical physicists. In this Page you will find the Recent R&D Developments related to Optical computing at KTS Infotech . Currently work is being carried out to Develop  a reliable cost effective Optical Buffer which is used as the core of Optical and Quantum Computing Technology devices like  Optical RAM , Optical CPU, Optical Router etc.

All Optical Buffering Technology to achieve All Optical RAM is new technology Research area in Optical Computing . At KTS we are actively researching on All Optical Buffering Technology and have already developed a novel method to realize All Optical Buffer that shows promising results. The Idea revolves around a new type of Engineered  Crystals that can change the Optical properties like Refractive Index by dynamically varying different physical properties of the crystal thereby creating a variable optical delay line which is essential for achieving All Optical Buffer | All Optical RAM.

Currently Fiber Delay Line and Recirculating Buffer are the two design approaches to Realize All Optical Buffer | All Optical RAM in the Lab . The New Method borrows the best features of Fiber Delay Line and Recirculating Buffer Technology approach yet can be developed in a cost effective way as the simulation study suggests.

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